Graystone Eye

With busy offices in Hickory, Lincolnton and Lenoir, Graystone Eye turned to the web to maintain marketshare with a patient population that was becoming increasingly familiar with the internet. Cornerstone created an interactive site to educate as well as market to patients ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics. Patients can make appointments, purchase contact lenses, and register for seminars through the site.

Graystone Eye

Graystone Aesthetic Center

Oculoplastics is a highly concentrated sub-specialty within the cosmetic/healthcare field. Graystone Aesthetic Center needed to market itself to a specific segment of the population and establish its identity outside a traditional surgical ophthalmic practice. Cornerstone accomplished this with a website that elegantly combines helpful information about the services offered with photos of dramatic results. A blog was incorporated into the site to help the practice stay in touch with existing and future patients and keep them abreast of cosmetic advances.

Graystone Aesthetic Center

Drs. Darab & Richardson

A progressive oral surgery group realized that most people aren't comfortable with oral surgery. They wanted their website to help patients become familiar with their practice and help reduce their anxiety. Cornerstone accomplished this with a website that combines practice information, patient forms, treatment videos, pre- and post-op instructions, an FAQ page and patient testimonials.


Western Piedmont Symphony

When the WPS wanted to update their web presence, they turned to Cornerstone to help them reach their audience with up-to-date performance information and online subscription sales. Cornerstone brought out the personality of this vibrant organization with a complete redesign of their website including social media links which allowed their audience to stay in touch with them through FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube.



Online identity theft is a very real and present danger that most people either ignore or are unaware of. FaceGuard is a password management system that allows people to easily guard access to their online accounts by a unique concept. Cornerstone helped them reach their audience through a website that explains and illustrates their advantages and allows a free trial download.


Maiden Amusement Company

In business for over 50 years, Maiden Amusement Company saw the potential for expanding its sales by reaching new customers while making it easier for existing customers to purchase their gaming supplies with an ecommerce website. Cornerstone organized and presented the company's sizeable catalog on the web with a fully customized ecommerce solution. As a result, Maiden Amusement Company is reaching more customers and increasing its marketshare through the internet.



Government regulations make patient privacy a top priority for healthcare providers across the country. A group of entrepreneuring doctors saw a need in their industry and teamed with software engineers to provide a faster, more secure way to share private patient information between practices. Cornerstone created a website that introduced many doctors to this solution just as the problem was being recognized nationally.


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